Visioning Statements

Swansea Rotary Vision (May 18, 2017)

A network of local community members and leaders, working together to
combine resources to make our community and world a better place, while
being committed to our Rotary ideals and focusing on community youth.


Swansea Rotary Visioning Statement  (2017 – 2022)

As we look ahead to 2022, we will remain committed to being one of the
strongest clubs in District 6510, by retaining current members and striving to
attract like minded, enthusiastic and committed individuals. We set forth to
continue growing our membership with diversity, promoting the ideals of
Rotary International, and focusing on our motto “Serve Above Self”. Our
club will continue to support local programs, District programs and International
programs. A continued primary focus will be on supporting our local
community and its youth. We can accomplish this goal through the
continued support of current projects and programs and a willingness to
address new needs as they arise in the community. We will be more committed
to involving our youth in our club programs to foster long term relationships
that will result in a strong future of our club. By partnering with civic leaders,
other community organizations and local schools, we will raise awareness
of Rotary in Swansea, IL. We envision a strong and dynamic group of
committed members that will benefit the Swansea community and its youth
in many ways. 


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