American Flag Program

We have completed our 10 th year of the Swansea Rotary Flag Program. Fifty local businesses purchased a total of 70 flags to be placed at their respective businesses on 8 occasions this year. The 8 days are: Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Election Day, Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, Labor Day, Independence Day and Patriots Day.

We also place 34 flags along the drive that runs through Mel Price Park and at each major intersections in Swansea including Highway 159/161, Highway 159/Fullerton Road and Highway 159/Frank Scott Parkway. Total flag count of 141 flags.

It is our club’s privilege to continue this service to the Swansea Business Community as we are beginning to plan for 2017. All monies from this program are to support Swansea Rotary’s Vision . . . energetic and committed members focused on The Rotary Ideals with our major emphasis on local community and youth.

An annual payment of $50 per flag will go into the general fund of the Swansea Rotary Club for a flag to be placed in front of your business or in an area you designate, eight times a year.

We invite you to participate in this spectacular patriotic display on Swansea’s thoroughfares on these eight monumental days. All proceeds go to local area youth and charities.

Please complete this form and mail along with your payment today!

Club Leaders